Talk It Pro Referral Partner Program

Talk It Pro VoIP Referral Partners receive 20% residual every month!

As fellow members of the IT professional community, we at Talk It Pro understand the extensive value of relationships – residual revenue from the clients we serve is our bread and butter – in this case, pie. But we equally value our relationships with our referral partners, which is why we offer them an unreal cut of on-going proceeds from the new client relationships they help us create: a 20% residual on the monthly recurring charge from the clients you refer to us. We firmly stand behind the products and services we offer, so it’s a win-win for both of us – you look great for referring a trusted, premium VoIP solution to your IT customers, and we share the monthly residual income.

Become a Talk It Pro Referral Partner and start cashing in!


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Why Our Clients Love Us

Obsession With Quality

We use only top-tier network carriers and monitor the heck out of them for maximum call quality and reliabilty.

Dedicated Support

Our unparalleled support team assists clients at all hours to identify the true roots of problems, instead of pointing fingers at other service providers.

Flexible Solutions

We work with customers individually to customize and implement the options and features they need most optimizing their business efficiency.

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How the Program Works

Apply to Become a Talk It Pro Referral Partner

Don’t be shy – fill out our form so we can learn a bit about you as we embark on a new relationship.

Mention Talk It Pro VoIP Services to Your Clients

You won’t need to do any work work… after you speak to a client that’s interested in our VoIP services, simply pass along their contact info to us and get ready to start cashing in. No need to do a sales pitch – we’ll close the deal!

Receive Your Residual Share of VoIP Fees

We collect monthly services fees from our clients, and for those that have come to us via our Referral Partner Program, we’ll cut a check to you for 20% of those monthly proceeds.

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